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Thank goodness for Re-Buys

5 players on Friday, and Jordan was catching cards in round 1 like you wouldn’t believe.

I was actually the first to go out in round one. Holding pocket 9’s, the flop came out Kd-9d-Jh. I raised, Jordan pushed all-in with a bigger stack, I called with trip 9’s. Jordan fliped over pocket K’s, and I was done. But a re-buy put me back in it. Tim was the next to go, and then he re-bought, and then went out again. Traci then went out, and then re-bought, and then went out again. Then Andrew, nursing the small stack for some time, made a couple of double ups, stole some really decent blinds, and finally busted. Heads up, Jordan had me at a 9 to 1 chip advantage. I made a small comeback getting back to a 2 to 1 at one point but Jordan took down three consecutive pots to win, finally busting me on an all-in pre-flop that I called with A-6 of clubs. He turned over pocket J’s, and I never caught up.

In round two, I pretty much controlled the tempo from the get-go. Andrew eliminated Jordan first, and then Tim went out second. Andrew and I’s heads-up match didn’t last very long, as I caught a miracle card on the river to make a straight. Pot committed, Andrew called my all-in with top pair (leading the entire way and calling each of my bets to push him out). I felt dirty.

Next week looks ok again. See you then.

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  1. Andrew Seely
    October 22, 2007 at 4:53 am

    you’re so dirty
    take a bath

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