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All good things must come to an end.

Including (but not limited to) the long absence from posts. Just haven’t really felt motivated to do anything lately. Even type about it. I’ve been cold for a while now, and haven’t really wanted to write about it. This has however benefited really everyone that’s played here lately. Not to take anything away from Jordan, Andrew, and Tim, who have played really well lately. But I’ve felt lousy, and my play has been even worse.

Friday night was more luck than anything else. 6 players, including a new face (thanks Jen for coming, and please don’t make it your last visit). The first one out was Andrew. Feeling under the weather, about 8 hands in, he got mixed up in a big pot with Jordan. Jordan flopped trip 5’s, and Andrew turned trip 3’s. First to act, Andrew raised Jordan all in, and Jordan called to reveal his higher set. We played 5 handed for a while. Jen, Traci, and I, then re-bought to infuse more chips into the game. Then one by one we all fell. Jordan ended up doubling Tim (twice), and eventually, Tim and I were left heads up. I would say that he had a slight lead lead, maybe 5 to 4. Two big hands gave him an 8 to 1 lead, and eventually he finished the deal when I moved for my last 80 with Q-6 of spades. The flop produced a 6, and the river another 6. But as it turns out, an Ace is better than a Q, and I finished second.

Next week we look to be a go. Feel free to bug me to update this more regularly.

Cheers, P

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