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Gamblers Anonymous is for quitters.

We had 6 players for both rounds (Andrew joined us for round 2 as Jordan departed). Jordan won a couple of large hands early in round 1 and took a commanding chip lead. The ladies went out first early, leaving Tim, Jordan, and I 3 handed. Tim was next to go, and Jordan and I were heads up for a while. I probably got back to around 120 chips at one point, but never really threatened Jordan at all, and he took round 1 easily.

For round two, Tim lost a large pot to me early. I raised from UTG, and got a call from everyone. When the board produce 2-4-8 rainbow, I made a large bet of about the pot. Tay let go of pocket J’s, and only Tim made the call. The turn came with another 8, and I pushed all in. Tim quickly called. He flipped 8-9, and turned over A-8. The river was a 7 and I took a big lead.

Andrew then got me on a couple of hands and took control from there. I made easily the dumbest move of the night moving all in on a board of 9-7-K-A-9. Andrew made a great read and called my bluff (J-5) with a K. That got rid of me early.

Heads up, Katy and Andrew went for a while. There were several swings in the chip lead. Finally it ended when Andrew pushed all in as he made a flush on the river with 5-4s, and Katy called when she was behind.

I’d really like to play in one of the casino tournaments again soon. I’ve been playing lousy, but I still want to play. It can only increase my game, right. Or just make me more broke than I am. I was playing on-line and one of the players had made mention that they have programs for that and I love the comeback quote from another player.

“GA is for quitters.”

I think that should be our new motto.

Anyhow, we should be ok for next week. Thanks to everyone who attended. Cheers, P

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