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This is Tay’s Poker World…..

we just sometimes play in it.

Last night was an awesome poker performance by Tay. We went 7 handed, and she outlasted us all, catching cards and making incredible reads to take down the pot.

Traci was the first to go out, as she moved all in for her final 20 chips. I was the last to act, and made the call with J-10, feeling I was beat. She turned over A-10, and I was lucky to catch a J on the river to claim the pot. She re-bought 50 chips after that.

Andrew was the next to go out. On a board with an Ace and a Queen, Drew pushed all in for his final chips, and Jordan called flipping over A-Q. Drew’s K-4 was no good. Drew then re-bought as well.

Traci went out for the second and final hand to Tay, moving all in pre-flop and was called by Tay. Traci turned the Kc-Qc, and Tay Ks-10s. The flop came out with 2 spades, and the third spade on the turn was the winning card for Tay as she made her flush.

Robert was the next to go out in a big pot. I raised the big blind from UTG, and made it 12 to go. Tim called, and Robert pushed from the SB for his last 16. Tim and I both made the call. The flop came out with two spades, and we both checked. The turn was another spade, and I checked. Tim 16 and I called. The river was a blank for both of us (3d) and I moved all in. Tim called with A-K, and I turned over the nut flush. This gave me a big chip lead.

Tim went out a few hands later pushing the action and was called by Jordan’s pocket Aces. Tim failed to improve and was out in 5th.

Andrew was the next to go out. On a board of J-10-4, Andrew bet out after the flop all in, and I called. He’d made top pair with his J, and I had a straight draw with A-Q. I got lucky when the turn came up K, and Andrew went out in 4th.

3 handed, I had a good sized chip lead, about 460, to Jordan who had under 300, and then Tay who was sitting around 80. That’s when Tay dialed it up. First, she doubled through Jordan up to 160. Then she doubled again through Jordan after a few pots had gone by to about 200. tay then made the laydown of the night.

Pre-flop, Tay raised the big blind to 30, I called, and Jordan moved all in. Tay went into the tank for a while and finally laid down pocket Q’s. It took me a few seconds to lay down K-5. For grins and giggles, we played out what would’ve happened, and the the board of A-K-10-5-7 would’ve given Jordan a pair of Aces, and me two pair. She made a great laydown, which proved to be the best hand that she’d played all night.

Tay then doubled through me, and took over the chip lead. Moments later, Tay eliminated my with a board of 4-7-8. She pushed all in and I made a call putting her on a bluff. I’d flopped bottom pair, and Tay turned over an 8. The turn was no help, and the river was a case 8, giving Tay a set, and me walking papers in third place.

The final hand between Jordan and Tay was a bluff by Jordan, moving all in with a straight draw, and Tay calling after flopping a set of 4’s. The river was no help, and Tay came out in first.

It was a very good night of poker, with very solid play. Next week, we’re a little iffy. There’s a lot of us that are on the fence. Andrew’s a definite no-go, and Tim is a possible no-go. I’m thinking that we scrap next Friday, and get a big game together for “Bring a friend day.”

So, on Friday, May 2nd, the goal is for every one of the regulars to bring either A) someone new, or B) Bring someone who hasn’t attended in at least 1 month. I’d like to see a two table game take place, and we have enough contacts to make that happen. I’ll get the BBQ running and we’ll eat before we play.

Congrats again to Tay, and I’ll see you all again in two weeks. Cheers, P

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