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Quads Abundant

Because of the Girl Scout Camp out, we didn’t play on Friday, but a Sunday return offered the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a game at pablosplace.

We only had four players however, as Traci was exhausted and Jordan and Jason could only stay for the darts earlier. But the 4 handed game lasted almost 4 hours.

We each started with 125, and blinds were at 2/4 to start. I was crippled early, and down to 13 chips with Andrew being blinded out running late from work. He’d lost maybe 6 blinds by the time that he’d got here, and I doubled a couple of times right as he’d arrived for a healthy stack.

Tim was the first player of the night to hit quads, as he was holding a J, and three more J’s appeared on the board. With light betting, the quad J appeared on the river and he took a good sized pot off of Tay. Tay rebounded nicely by doubling through me with Quad Queens. She moved all in from the button, and I called her with As-Js. She flipped over pocket Q’s, and flopped a Q, and rivered another.

Then it was my turn, with pocket 10’s. The flop came out 10-10-4, and Andrew bet out 20. I raised my last 40, and everyone folded around. I had to turn over my quads as it was the third of the night.

Shortly after Tay was eliminated in 4th place at around 11:45. As she departed, Andrew flopped himself a set of 8’s, and rivered Quad 8’s against Tim. I don’t think that there has ever been a game in which so many Quads have hit.

In the end, Tim went out in 3rd, and I eliminated Andrew after a long heads up. We were 3 handed for a while as well.

We look good for this Friday, so plan on bringing as many people as you can. Another 2 table game would be awesome. See you Friday. P

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