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Catch Up

Seven Deuce Day is approaching, and I think that everyone here the last two weeks is really excited about playing at the Bicycle Casino.

I’ve got two weeks to catch up on, and I’ll start with the farthest away. Robert was long overdue for a victory, and after hitting quads, he never looked back. Using big stack poker, he controlled most of the table and ended after 2 AM as the first place finisher. Drew, after a couple of re-buys, got his money back in second place.

Last night, we were 5 handed, and those here had their Team7Deuce shirts delivered. Jordan nursed some crappy cards most of the night, and 4 handed opened up with two big wins, both at Tim’s expense. Tim first had J’s cracked by Jordan, and then Jordan eliminated him with J’s vs. A-Q. Heads up began with Jordan holding a 4 to 1 advantage over me, and I came back to almost even, until the last hand.

All the money went in pre-flop, and Jordan flipped K-9 and I A-7. The river paired Jordan’s K, and he walked away with the pot.

I don’t think we’ll be playing on 4th of July, but I’m open to the idea. Maybe we can play a fireworks game or something? Cheers, P

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