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A SIX on the river…..Are you kidding me!!!!!!

Sunday night brought us a Team7Deuce birthday as Robert decided to add another year to his life, allowing us the opportunity for some fellowship. It began in the way of a yummy dinner down at the Macaroni Grill in Northridge, and culminated in an odd event for us, Poker. OK, so maybe not so odd, but the fact that it happened on Sunday was rare.

It was one of the most interesting games that we’ve had at pablosplace in memory, as we had 9 players (an actual full table), and some newcomers (Derrick and Amanda). But it was the play that was bizarre. It took just over an hour to make the first orbit around, as the pots were really insane, including one bust out, then a re-buy.

Things began to settle down shortly after, and one by one the table whittled down. Derrick was the first to go out, followed by Robert. Amber was the next to go, followed by Jordan about an hour later. 5 handed, Tim controlled a massive stack playing a great run of cards to virtual perfection. Tay held a very healthy stack as well. I was a little short stacked in comparison, but not as low on chips as was Amanda and Traci. Amanda busted, then re-bought, and then went out again.

4 handed, saw Traci with the short stack, and she made her move raising the big blind (of 6-12) to 24, and I smooth called. Tay folded the action to Tim, who moved over the top for another 24. Traci re-raised all in with her final 31, and I moved all in after that for my final 73 (above Tim’s raise), and Tim made the call. When the cards were flipped, I had a huge advantage, tabling A-A, Traci 8-8, and Tim A-10. The board ran out pairing Tim’s 10 on the turn, but no 8 fell, and I scooped the pot eliminating Traci in 4th.

3 handed action lasted for about 35 minutes, as Tay was the most active member of our action. She was raising like crazy, and I finally made a bad call holding K-9. Tay had moved all in after I made the min-raise, and Tim stepped out of the way. I was in the tank for a while but decided to put most of my chips at risk, putting her on something small. I wasn’t completely off as she tabled Q-4. She had two live cards, but didn’t catch up on the board, as the river produced a case 9.

Heads up with Tim lasted just one hand. I had roughly 400 to Tim’s roughly 600, and Tim called the big blind (10-20). I raised to 60, and Tim re-raised to 120. I made the call. The flop came out Q-10-6. First to act, I checked over to Tim, who led out with 60. I knew I had him as I had flopped two pair (Q’s and 10’s). I check raised Tim to 100 more, and Tim moved all in. I insta-called, and Tim tossed over Aces. I was WAY ahead. Tim had but 5 outs, until the turn brought a 7, giving him a total of 8 outs (any 6, 7, or Ace would make him a better two pair or a set). The chance of him hitting a better hand at this point was about 18%, and wouldn’t you know, Tim hit it. A 4 to 1 shot paid off as he hits the 8 outer, catching a 6 on the river, giving him Aces and 6’s to my Q’s and 10’s, and it was over. Tim raked the pot.

In truth, Tim played brilliantly up to that point, amassing a great chip stack with over 1000 chips in play. It was a lot of fun last night with some really great action. A lot crazier than most nights, but fun none-the-less.

Remember, this coming Saturday, we’re a no-go, but things look ok as of right now for the following Friday. Thanks for everyone who came (Robert, Tay, Tim, Jordan, Amber, Derrick, Amanda, and Traci) for such a fun night. And a special thanks for Tay for coming down from Big Bear on her one off day to play (and Kudos for the great play), and for Robert, as we wish him great success this year on his birthday. Cheers, P

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