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Tonight’s Twitter Poker Tour

Tonight’s TPT offer a unique thing for me, and a unique thing for everyone. My uniqueness comes in the form of my first cash tournament on Full Tilt Poker, the every other week destination of the TPT. But I figure, if I’m going to have any chance on the TPT leader board, then I have to play on both sites.

The other unique feature is the selection of the individual representing the bounty, chosen by what has been deemed “The battle of the sexists.” See below for details, and join us on Full Tilt Poker for tonight’s TPT. I’m guessing that it will be the best turnout yet.

Panndy v Grundy PreTPT HU Match!

Tune in this Thursday January 22nd at 8:30 PM EST for a Heads Up match between @Panndyra and @Grundy. This “Battle of the Sexists“ will be played on Full Tilt Poker just prior to the TPT:Tilt Event #7.
For Background Info:
Grundy on Women (if you know what I mean) HellsColdDay.com
mamalovespoker: Girls Rule
The loser of this event will be the bounty of the Twitter Poker Tour event #7

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