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Gotta love the TPT

I’ve found that my weak consists of looking forward to two things, both of them poker. Friday nights is still my game. After all, it Team7Deuce at Pablosplace, the whole reason for the site to begin with. But Thursday nights has become something that I look forward to almost as much these days. I enjoy the Twitter Poker Tour probably a lot more than I expected I ever would. It’s a great friendly game with a great group of players, and the play is something that poker is lacking elsewhere….fun.

It’s really what poker is supposed to be, a game. A strategy game at that. It’s not about how much experience one guy has, or how much is in another player’s bankroll, or about bracelets, or credibility. It’s about people who just like poker, playing their game, and having some laughs. Considering the fact that I’ve never shaken hands with any of the players, I feel a kin-ship with the other Tweeters that I can’t really explain. But it’s a blast. I’d encourage everyone who reads regularly here at Pablosplace to check it out if you haven’t already, and discover what the rest of us already has. Poker is a fun game. And it couldn’t ring more true than at these events.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, last nights TPT was another great tourney. 34 players in the tourney, and I feel like I held my own again. I started out stuck in reverse, and had my chip stack dwindling down to about 700 or so. But I was able to get back into things with a couple of decent hands and chip up to over 2500 for a while. I stuck there for quite some time until I got involved in a coin flip with about 15 players remaining. From middle position, I was dealt pocket Q’s, and raise the Big Blind 3 times. Action folded to the small blind where Rich Tucker re-raised a 3 bet. The big blind folded back to me, and I re-raised enough to move Rich about all in. He shoved the remainder of his chips, and I called for the last 30 or so. Rich flipped AKos over, and the race was one. I won the first two rounds as all under cards hit on the Flop and Turn. But Rich won the war when the Ace of spades hit the river, and left me with about 1200 or so. I’d get it all in soon after from the small blind, calling a raise by the cutoff with Kc-10c. The big blind folded, and the CO called with Q’s. I didn’t catch up, and was eliminated in 13th.

I have to issue out congrats to the guys who ended up cashing, playing awesome poker till the end. In fifth was rhoegg, 4th Was @cprpoker, as Geoff made a really nice run. 3rd was MrCrakypants, who sat directly to my right for the majority of the tourney. Major kudos to him as early on, he took a pot calling my raise with 7-2os. He became my hero when my AK turned out no good as the pair of 2’s turned out best. Awesome.

And a major congrats to runner up and winner. ill twill, who controlled most of the final table action, and took the large stack to heads up, but would be out played heads up by Steve Brogan, who would emerge victorious with a great showing.

Thanks again to the Twitter Poker Tour for putting on such a great event, and to all the participants who make it such a good time week after week. I’ll be back next Thursday to hopefully make another deep run. Right now, I’m sitting in 3rd place on the Twitter Leader Board (http://twitterpokertour.com/leaderboard), and I’m pretty proud of that. Hopefully, I can improve that on Thursday.

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  1. Steve Brogan
    January 31, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Paul, like you, I am now planning my Thursday night poker game to be with the “Twitter Poker Tour”. It is something that is difficult to put it words – but there is a sort of kinship that develops out of this association. Good luck next week.

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