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Don’t play with Queens

They’re a beast. They’re an evil beast at that.

Yesterday, I played in two different tournaments, one live and one on-line. In the live game, Jordan, Phat, and I all went down to the Bike to play in the $40 buy in Nooner. I was pleased when I sat down at the table to see $4000 tournament chips to start us out as opposed to the normal $2000 that this tournament provides. Generally, Wednesday is the only deep stack that they have, and it’s the way that I prefer to play. But until March 3rd, all Nooner tournaments will be deep stack, so I may play in one or two more if my schedule permits.

My tourney started out in the wrong direction quick. Every one of my small raises was either called or re-raised, and if I chose to see the flop, it missed me completely. I couldn’t catch stronger starting hands than A-Kos, and it hurt. By the time that the break had rolled around, I was down to about 1k left. Phat came over to pay his respects as he hit the rail having turned a spade flush to the Q, but his opponent flipped over A-K with the Ace being a spade, and the 4th spade on the river did him in. Jordan had chipped up nicely to around 9k, and was playing very well.

After the break, I got a doubled up with pocket 5’s in a race with K-J. I dodged that bullet and was at around 1900 when I got the last of my chips in the middle again. From middle position, there was one limper to the pot when I saw pocket Q’s. With the blinds at 100-200, I raised it up to 800. Action folded to the big blind who made the call, and then the limper folded. Heads up, we saw a flop of 8h-7d-5h, and the big blind checked it to me. I pushed the last of my chips in the middle, and got an instant call. He turned over 4h-2h for a flush draw. The turn was an Ace of clubs, and the river did me in with a 6 of diamonds, giving my opponent a straight. Tough hit as I left with 7 tables remaining.

Jordan would last to shortly after the field went to 6 tables, as he’d get the rest of his chips in on a board of J-6-3, and found action from one caller. Jordan tossed over AKos, and his opponent tabled 4-2. The turn produced a 4, and the river blanked eliminating Jordan. Both of us walked out of the Bike in sheer amazement that we’d been done in by 4-2.

Last night, the on-line tourney was another Twitter Poker Tour tourney. As I’ve written many times before, I’ve really grown to love this event. Last nights version was a relative surprise as only 26 players saw action, but it was still a great tournament.

I started out the night taking a few small pots without a showdown, and then I just got stuck in reverse again. I ended up at the break with around $1000 left. After the tables consolidated to two, I left in 17th place getting a preflop call on my all in shove. Heads up, I had pocket Q’s, and @JPYoung showed Ad-Kd. The flop and turn were all unders which gave me a huge lead, but I lost the coin flip on the river (again) as a K hit and eliminated me much earlier than I would have liked to have been.

I’d like to say that it was my chips that had @JPYoung take control of the tournament and dominate it all the way to the final table, and the eventual win, but really it was his good play that did it. I’d also like to extend some congrats to the other cashes, @Rhoegg who eliminated @SteveBrogan in 5th place and won the bounty in addition to cashing in 3rd. And a congrats to @Swyyft for his second runner up finish of the TPT season 2. His cash vaulted him to the top of the TPT leader board, just ahead of @SteveBrogan in second place, and yours truly as I remain in 3rd place on the leader board (http://twitterpokertour.com/leaderboard).

Next week I’m hoping to make another deep run in the tourney, as I’d like to move up in the standings. Hopefully we’ll see some increased participation in the TPT-Stars event. I’d love to see over 40 participants.

For the Pablosplace game, we’re a no go tonight as we’ll be at a house warming party at Andrew’s. Until next week, Cheers.

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