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Tourney’s are my friend….

at least….they are today.

A day after my vent post about Cash games, I played in a couple of tourney’s. I began with the smallest buy in that there is, the Poker Stars Micro $.10 buy in 360 person Sit and Go tourney. This thing is a total crap shoot, and I’ve won it a couple of times (A pay out of $8 and change, which considering the buy in and time spent, it’s not terrible). You begin with 1500 starting chips, and the blinds begin at 10/20 with 5 minute levels (yes, 5 minute levels), so it’s a bit of a shove-fest. By the hour mark (the first break) the blinds have gone to 500-1000 with some ante that I can’t remember at the moment, and really, the tourney has almost always reached the bubble.

I felt vindicated in that since this was the first tourney that I’d played in since my rant, that I’d finished in 23rd place out of the 360, and took home a modest cash of $.30. It’s not so much the $.20 profit, because I could really care less about that. I was clapping my hands, and giving the fist pump of joy, and an occasional “YEAH!!” every once and again. I was having fun playing poker. And I’ve missed that.

Today, I got home from work and entered into the Full Tilt $3.30 Knock-Out Tourney and I had my best result yet, a 5th place finish. Add the 5 knockouts to the $18 cash, and it was a nice little profit. But I didn’t really care about the cash. I was giddy over the final table appearance. Something is just cool as the Midnight Theme goes to a Final Table theme. My heart starting to pound as player after player was bounced until we were 5 handed, and I got it in with Ks-10s, only to be called by AQos.

I had fun. It was what poker was supposed to be, and I was happy that I was playing again. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s TPT and I hope that my success on the last two tourney’s Parlays into a good showing. I don’t really care about the cash. I’m just happy that I’m having fun again.

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