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A full Table to the Home Game

Last nights game at Pablosplace brought a full table to the home game, as 9 players saw action. It was another fun game, with painfully long orbits, but a very well played game indeed.

Tay made her return, declaring that it was her night, and while it didn’t start that way, it would certainly look that way in the middle stages. She was the first exit, after calling me post flop, on the turn, and raising my river bet all in. On a board of J-J-2-10-J, Tay shoved her remaining 40 chips, and I made the call flipping pocket 4’s for the made full house. She tabled Q-2, and then re-bought another 50 chips.

Sherman would make the next exit, and then re-buy, the last one of the evening. Then slowly, players dwindled. Jordan exited after having his stack crippled moving all in pre-flop with Q’s, only to find Robert calling him with Aces. He was the first to exit the game. Sherman would follow in 8th, and then Tim in 7th. Chris, then Amber would go, and finally Traci to leave the larger stacks (Myself, Tay, and Robert) three handed.

Tay had gone on a magnificent run of cards, catching everything she needed in chipping up to a good sized lead of over 600 chips, with 1000 in play. But I caught a break a little later, holding Jc-4c from the big blind, I got to see a free flop of Qc-10c-6c. Tay and I checked down till the river, and the turn produced a brick 7h, and the river was the King of Diamonds. On that one, I bet 20 and Tay raised to 40. I re-raised to 60 and Tay moved all in. I called showing my flush and Tay table AJ for a straight. But that chipped me to the lead.

Robert would eventually get it all in against Tay and ended up way behind K-9 to A-K. The board provided Robert with no help, and he exited in 3rd place.

Tay and I had a great heads up match, lasting nearly 60 hands. She controlled all of the early action, amassing a massive chip lead of nearly 850 to 150. But I made a comeback and was able to chip up to over 200 when the first swing hand took place. I got it all in having flopped a pair of J’s, and Tay made the call with K-10. She didn’t catch up and I doubled. To her credit, I had showed nearly everyone of my bluffs, and she put me on absolutely nothing.

The second swing hand came shortly after, as we got it all in on a board of J-J-2. I tabled J-7, and Tay, J-3. The turn produced a 5, and the river an 8, and my hand held up. This gave me a commanding lead as it left Tay with only 52 chips left. The final hand, we got the money all in pre-flop, and Tay tabled 6-2, and I tabled A-6. No 2 on the board gave me the pot and the win.

Thanks for everyone who made it. It was a lot of fun as always. I’ll be getting back from New Orleans on Wednesday, so I will be playing in Thursday’s TPT on Stars, and the home game is good to go on Friday. Cheers, P

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