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A TPT Blowup of Mass Proportions

I came into Thursday Night’s TPT as the top ranked player for season 2. Despite not winning a tourney, I’ve played consistently in each tournament and had relatively good runs. Tonight, I would find myself out much earlier than what I should have been.

I began early by picking up some good pots. I doubled early with KK, and then I got really lucky by cracking Aces in what was a lucky and a good play in the same breath. From the BB, I was dealt Q-10. With blinds at 20/40, an early position player made it 120 to go, and the SB and I came along for the ride. The flop was 10-under-under, and the SB checked. I bet out 120, and got two callers. The turn card was another brick, and the SB bet, and I called, but the early position player with position raised it. The SB folded and I thought for a few seconds. At first, I’d placed him on a hand like AK or AQ, but with the raise, I thought that he had something strong like AA, KK, or QQ. I made the call for just a little more hoping that I might get lucky on the river, and the Q fell on the river giving me two pair. I thought that this would be a good card for me if he had KK or AA, and I raised another 800, which was enough to move him all in. Sure enough, he made the call and showed aces and was done. That chipped me up to over 5k, and gave me the tournament lead.

From there, I got stuck in reverse making 3 consecutive bad decisions. The first was a bad call when I checked my option from the BB with Q-9, and 3 people took a flop of K-Q-7. We all checked to the turn which brought another Q. The SB checked again, and I also checked, but the position player raised, and SB folded, and I called. The river as a meaningless 3, and I led out about 40% of the pot. At this point, I’d put my opponent on KQ (just a hunch) and felt that I was beat. But the bet really committed me to the pot with my set, and sure enough, he moved and I called. I was wrong about he KQ, but was right about the boat, as he flipped 77 for the flopped set, and turned Full house. That dropped me down to about 3k.

I had a chance to get it back just a few hands after that, but folded wanting to avoid a coin flip. A short stacked player moved all in and was called by the player on my right. After thinking about it for a while, I folded 10-10. Everyone else folded as well, and the showdown proved to be a 5-5 vs. 3-3. Had I moved there, I would’ve chipped back up to close to 6k. But, oh well.

My final bad play came right as I got a phone call from Tim. I was chatting with him when I noticed 10-10 from the SB, and raised all in. I should’ve paid more attention, as the pre-flop raiser called my all in showing Aces, and I was toast. It didn’t eliminate me, but did leave me with only 103 total chips, and the blinds were at 50/100. Three hands later, I got it in with K-3 suited, and was out in 21st place, the worst finish by far for me at a TPT event.

So I went over to Olive Garden, had a couple of beers, and then brought home some grub for Traci and I as I railed on the Final Table. Eventually, Steve Brogan would take it down as he rivered a straight flush to take the pot (he was ahead at the time and only got stronger).

Kudos to the guys who finished in the cash. I’ll be back next week on Tilt and I’m hoping to re-take the lead that I lost to Steve, who become the new leader on the TPT leader board, and @Rhoegg, who passed me into second place with his bubble finish in 6th. See ya next week.

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