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Tonight’s Sick Beat

I’m having some issues catching winning hands lately. It doesn’t matter if I’m ahead or not, because I seem to almost always end up on the loosing side of things. Here’s the hand that eliminated me early from tonight’s TPT:

From UTG, I get dealt 10h-10d, A middle position player raises, I call it, and the button calls. The SB and BB both fold, and we see a flop of J-10-5 all clubs. The first action bets about the pot, and I move all in. The third player folds, and the first guy calls flipping up Jd-7d. Now normally, I’m a 93% chance to win this pot, as he needs to catch running cards to win it.

Well, the turn comes 9c and gives my set so many more options to win. I mean, the only thing that I can lose on would now be a non club 8….but wait….the river delivers the 8s, and he’s made a straight.

That’s how lucky I’m running right now. I’m sick….just physically ill. I’m going to take some time out and watch some of the NCAA Tournament, and then go to bed. No more poker because I’m too freaking depressed about it all. The worst of it was that I got to the tournament late because of work obligations, then I busted in 22nd out of 24 players. This could kill me in the TPT leaderboard, because it’s likely that I’ll miss next weeks TPT. Oh well.

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