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A 4th place finish in the TPT

I got to the Twitter Poker Tour a little late tonight. I left the office in Santa Monica after 4:00 PM, and thought that I would have plenty of time to get home. But, apparently a Police officer riding a motorcycle was struck on the 10 Freeway, and LAPD answering an “Office Down” call shut down the 10 Freeway. So the surface streets were more packed than the non-moving freeway, and it took more than 2 hours to get home.

But when I did, I’d only missed a few rotations, and started the chipping up. I got to around $4k and then I couldn’t really find a hand that would get me past that mark. I hovered there for a long time, and then slowly I dwindled as the blinds increased on the final table.

6 handed, I got lucky as I shoved with 6-6 and won a race against A-Q. I survived 2 more bust outs, and then ran KQ into AJ to be eliminated in 4th place. It was my first cash in the TPT in a few tournaments. I was definitely happy with the run.

Tomorrow should be a good game at Pablosplace. It’s Traci’s Birthday, and we should have 2 tables in action for poker. Also, I’ll be taking the final order for Team7Deuce Shirts on Friday, as I want them to be back in time before the wedding, and definitely for Seven-Deuce Day.

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