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The Twitter Poker Tour Charity Tournament (Benefiting Bad Beat on Cancer)

I am pleased to have worked on and put together a Charity Poker event with the Twitter Poker Tour to benefit Bad Beat on Cancer. this is a charity that is near to my heart as my wife Traci is a cancer survivor. The event will be hosted on Full Tilt Poker, and be on Sunday, August 9th at 6:15PM EST/(3:15PM PST). The Tournament Number is 99488653, and the password is TPTFOR BBOC. The buy in is only $10, with half of those proceeds going directly to the charity. There will be several top Full Tilt Poker Pro’s attending, and the event is open to everyone.

I’m passionate about poker, and doubly passionate about the eradication of cancer. I think that it’s impossible these days to not know someone who has been impacted by cancer. In our case, I would hope that no individual would ever have to endure what our family has had to endure, and that perhaps one day, we’ll even discover a cure.

There are tons of wonderful charity’s out there, and a bunch that are affiliated with cancer. But for me, The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the group that Pablosplace and Team7Deuce has joined with, and taken the 1% pledge to donate 1% of all of our tournament proceeds to charity.

I hope that every reader of Pablosplace, every member of Team7Deuce, and every member of the Twitter Poker Tour will join me in participating in this tournament, and in giving back to this worthwhile charity. I thank you in advance for your charity.


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  1. waz
    July 20, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    I'm in. FYI the buy in is set to $5.50.

    astro_pup on ftp

    Sarcoma survivor, 5 years out now!

  2. Paul Ellis
    July 20, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Thanks Tracy. We changed that one up to the $5+5 ($10 with $5 to the charity via rake).

    Traci was able to overcome Non Hodgkins Lymphoma after receiving a successful bone marrow transplant roughly 6 1/2 years ago. Her being here is nothing short of a miracle.

    Thanks for playing, and see ya there 🙂

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