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The TPT Charity for Bad Beat on Cancer – A success!

We had 103 total players in the tournament tonight which means that we raised $515 for Bad Beat on Cancer. It was a tremendous success!

The event had 5 Full Tilt Pro’s participate with Andy Bloch holding the chip lead for most of the early part of the tournament. Rafe Furst Battled hard, but would make an exit in 53rd place. Michael Craig also played, ending his tournament in 63rd, and Adam Schoenfeld would exit in 93rd.

18 places were paid, and professional poker player Soraya Homam would run the longest of the pro’s, making her exit in 13th.

In the end, the tournament was won by oooDR GoNZooo, who went into heads up play with @Vegasgeek with a 2 to 1 chip advantage. On the final hand, an all in was A8 vs. AK, but the 8 on the river gave the win to oooDR GoNZooo, and the top prize with $139.05.

Thanks to everyone who participated, especially the pro’s who played and donated their money and their time. It was really their participation that made this possible.

And a special thanks to everyone who worked so hard on promoting this event. It was incredible to see the number of twitter posts, blog posts, forum posts, and everything that you could possibly imagine to promote this event. What a success. I can’t wait for the next one.

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