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This week in the Twitter Poker Tour

Twitter Poker Poker Tour

The Twitter Poker Tour on Full Tilt Poker features a $5 buy in for fantastic prizes

It’s been a seemingly never ending string of days that have comprised this week, with a ton of work being dumped into the Twitter Poker Tour.  But the hard work has paid off with some fantastic prizes now being offered.  My hope is that the league continues its development, and offers an online home game to poker players throughout multiple ranges of bankrolls.   With the prize structures being offered today for a $5 buy in, it has to appeal to every poker player.

2 years ago, the TPT was a group of a few guys that just wanted to play together.  A $5 buy in for grins and giggles that met up weekly through an online poker game.  This week, we’re giving away another ticket to the Sunday $750,000 Guarantee on Full Tilt Poker as well as a second ticket that we plan to give away in a private freeroll event.  Last week’s ticket, coupled with the 2-year anniversary show and TPT Live guest Joe Sebok, gave the TPT 82 participants.  That’s the best number that the TPT has ever seen in a non-charity event.  I was thrilled with the turnout.

This week will be the last event for the October leaderboard, and we’ll bid adieu to the small stakes leaderboard.  Things are really going to take off next month as we’ve finalized a partnership deal with DeepStacks University, and we’ll chat about that a little bit on the TPT Live Show.

Andrew Feldman

ESPN's Andrew Feldman, with the winnings of our WSOP Prop Bet

Speaking of the TPT Live Show, I’m really excited to welcome back ESPN’s Andrew Feldman, as well as welcoming first time guest ESPN’s Gary Wise.  Andrew is the co-host of ESPN’s The Poker Edge podcast with Phil Gordon, ESPN’s The Inside Deal, as well as ESPN Poker’s go-to guy for all things poker, and I’m thrilled to have him join us again.  Gary Wise is a columnist and blogger for ESPN Poker with a wealth of knowledge in the poker industry.  I first met Gary at this year’s WSOP, and promptly lost a prop bet at the money bubble taking a bad beat when not one, but two people busted on the first hand of hand for hand play.  In addition to writing on ESPN, Gary is also seen hosting “Gary Wise vs. The World,” a poker segment on Pokerstatic.com.  These two guys are a wealth of poker information.  In the segment, we are going to be playing ESPN’s Poker Pick ’em, and answering the 20 questions provided on ESPN’s site with explanations on why we made our picks, as well as going over our picks to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, which begins next weekend.   We recorded the piece last night because of scheduling conflicts tonight, but I really think its a great piece, and can’t wait to share it with everyone in the TPT.

I”m thrilled with what the TPT has become, as it really is something to get excited about week after week.  I think that the prize pool that we’re now offering really gives players something to play for, and come back and try again.  And I hope that the show is enjoyable to those that listen to it.  But mostly, I just hope that people come by and play with us and join in the community that is the Twitter Poker Tour.  Hopefully, you’ll get out of it much more than you’d expect.

So join us for the game on Full Tilt Poker.  The tournament info and TPT Live Show can all be found on www.twitterpokertour.com.

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