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Adam Levy joins us this week in the Twitter Poker Tour

Adam Levy

Adam "Roothlus" Levy joins us on The TPT Live Show during the Twitter Poker Tour event tonight

I’m really looking forward to this months Twitter Poker Tour events.  It’s been a lot of work getting all of the prizes up and running for the league, and I hope that it’s going to pay dividends.  I’m anxiously awaiting the result of how many people actually register for the event, and hope that we can actually grow this thing.  Last week’s 67 entrants was a decrease in participation from the 82 the week before, but I’m hoping that with the new leaderboard, and DeepStacks Prizes for the month, that we’ll see a big pick up in numbers.  If we get less than 100 for the first week, I think I’ll actually be upset about it.  But I have hope that this will continue to be the best online poker league anywhere.

I mean today alone, we’re giving away a $216 Ticket to the Sunday $750,000 Guarantee on top of the prize pool.  That’s a pretty sick deal.  And then, we’re giving away a total of more than $3,000 prizes in monthly giveaways.  It’s a $5 buy in each week…so let me add this up…$24 (when you include the rake) for a share at $3,000 in added prizes….and NO, my math isn’t wrong on that.

It makes me nervous that with a little more than 6 hours to go (as I write this) only 10 players are registered.  I wonder how many times my ridiculous number of  Twitter and Facebook messages about the TPT are simply falling on deaf ears.  And I wonder whether or not there really is anything viable with this league in terms of growth.  And I wonder how many people are passing the information along.  I would think that if more people understood the value being offered, than more people would be participating in the events.  Maybe I’m nuts.  But I wish that I saw more people advertising this event, and forwarding the information along.

I wonder if one of the detractors is the fact that people assume that Geoff and I are making money off of this.  Thus far, every dime that the site has earned has been dumped back into the players prize pool and given away to the players.  I don’t assume that this will change anytime in the near future either, despite the fact that I’m putting in nearly 20 hours per week the last few weeks on conference calls, emails, blog posts, updates, and all the other stuff that comes with promoting the league.  At the end, my salary is getting to play with the group every week. And while it’s a labor of love, its one that I’m very committed to.

Something I know for certain is that I’m excited to do the show and to play with everyone each week.  And for a $5 buy in, I think that the league brings exceptional value to the people who participate.  It’s a great social league, and its something that I look forward to each and every week.

This week, we’re having on Adam Levy from UB.com on our TPT Live Show.  He’s been a fantastic online player for a long time, and he’s had some tremendous live results as well since 2008.  As a DeepStacks Instructor, I’m eager to hear what Adam has to say about poker training, coaching, and his WSOP experience.  He had a great run this year at the WSOP Main Event this year finishing in 12th place, when he got short stacked and shoved KQ, but he ran into the pocket Aces of Jonathan Duhamel. Before that, I thought that both he and Michael Mizrachi (also a DeepStacks Instructor) were the best shots at winning the thing. But I can’t wait to chat with him.  It should be a fun night.

So join me and my friends on the Twitter Poker Tour tonight.  It promises to be another great night of poker and a whole lot of fun, win or lose.

The tournament is on Full Tilt Poker

Tournament ID# 194348753

Password is: TPTPoker

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