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Thanks for helping us raise money for a cure.

On Saturday Night, our family headed over to Woodland Hills to participate in the “Light The Night” walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Our team had set a goal of raising $2,000 for the charity, and we exceeded that goal thanks entirely to the generous donations of our friends and family.  In total, our team contributed to the sum total of more than $200,000 raised on the night, and a sum that places the LLS at close to raising $1 million for Light The Night walks this year.

The event itself was a memorable experience.  Thousands of people converged in the Woodland Hills Park to participate in the event.  The area had a band playing as well as a number of tents for each of the major sponsors of the walk.  One of the tents handed out balloons which contained small flashlights fixed inside of each of the balloons.  There were 3 different colored balloons representing different things.  Red Balloons were given to those walking in the event and supporting the cause.  White balloons were given to people that had survived cancer.  And Gold Balloons were given out in memory of those that had lost their battle with cancer.  The balloon string was connected to a flashlight-like switch that turned the light on inside of the balloons, and as darkness fell the thousands of people turned on their balloons, the event really began to take light (so to speak).

A few blocks of traffic were coned off along Canoga and some side streets as the thousands of lighted balloons marched the 2 mile course, effectively “Lighting The Night” as they went.  We walked among the crowd with our group, waving to the neighbors that were peaking out of their balconies, and listening to the cars that would honk their horns as the parade marched on.  The walk itself was only 30 minutes or so, but the lasting visual impact of thousands of people speaking out and taking action against cancer will last a lifetime.

I want to say a note of thanks to all of those people that helped out by sending donations to our team, and helping us to reach our fundraising goal.  I also want to thank those that helped to spread the word about the event by forwarding the message on to others through Facebook and through Twitter.  While we played a small part in the raising of funds as a whole, it was an integral part of letting others know about the LLS, and their fight to find a cure to this dreaded disease.

I look forward to participating in raising funds next year for the event, and to the day that I no longer have to….because a cure has been discovered.

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