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Top 2010 Poker Player Stores – #19 Liv Boeree wins EPT San Remo

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree's win at the EPT San Remo was one of the best stories of the year

If you were a close follower of the game of poker prior to 2010, you may have been familiar with the name Liv Boeree.  The beautiful brunette with a thick British accent had been selected as one of the five entrants into a reality show “Ultimatepoker.com Showdown” where she received some in depth poker training from the likes of Dave “Devilfish Ulliot, Phil Hellmuth, and Annie Duke.  The appearance landed her a gig as a Television Presenter for Gutshot TV, where she worked at the WSOP in Las Vegas in 2006.  After a few years in front of the camera, Boeree turned her attention to the poker felts as a player, where she began collecting several good scores at the casino’s including more than $170k in earnings in 2009.  By August that year, her play had garnered her interest from some of the poker sites as an up and coming female poker player.  That’s a demographic that online marketers covet, and Liv fit the bill to a “T”, inking a contract with UB.com.

Liv’s 2010 began with a bang, making the final table of the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event at the Southern Poker Championships in Biloxi, Mississippi.  She then finished 16th at the L.A. Poker Classic in Los Angeles, California.  But it was at the €5,000 Buy-in Main Event at the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour stop in San Remo, Italy that Liv made a huge splash for all the world to see.

There were 1,240 players that convened on San Remo, making it the largest EPT tournament there in the events history.  The massive turnout generated a whopping €6 million prize pool, which was certainly desirable for any poker player.  When the bubble burst on Day 3, Liv found herself near the top of the chip counts with more than 500k tournament chips, and with the field down to under 70 players, there really seemed to be nothing that could stand in her way.   While Day 4 saw Liv more than double her stack to 1.3 million in chips, the fast paced eliminations saw her standing on the leaderboard drop to a little under the tournament average.

As day 5 got underway, Liv received a big hand coupled with a great flop to kick things off.  She opened to 85,000 and Luigi Pignatoro moved all in for 1.1 million on the button.  It took Boeree about a mili-second to snap call with Pocket Kings, and a disgusted Pignatoro rolled over Ace-Ten, woefully behind.  He wouldn’t need to wait long to get the news as Pignatoro was drawing dead when the flop came 5d-Kc-Kh.  The quads elicited a comment from tablemate Dermot Blain saying to Boeree “Must be nice to be you” as Pignatoro hit the rail in 23rd place.  While Liv now stacked around 2.4 million chips, Blain would have no idea how right he would be.

Liv cranked up her aggression with the large stack and used it to accumulate even more chips as the tables around her saw elimination after elimination.  When play consolidated to just two tables remaining, Boeree’s stack had swelled to 3.6 million.  Boeree continued to get her opponents to fold to her aggressive raises, and then KO’d Per Linde in 13th place when her K-K held against Linde’s J-J, increasing her ballooning stack to around 5 million.  Boeree lost some ground when she ran her AK into Claudio Piececi’s set of 6’s, dropping her stack to around 3.5 million and found herself 5th in chips when the action broke for the day, meaning that Liv Boeree had made the final table of the EPT San Remo.

After biding her time, Liv made it to 3 handed play with 5.5 million chips, which trailed the 6 million of Toni Pettersson and was woefully behind the 25 million of the chip leader Jakob Carlsson.  But the three traded blows with giant chip swings for a few hours until Boeree flopped a set of 3’s on a K-4-3 flop and got Pettersson to commit the last of this chips, calling with K-Q.  The knock out gave Boeree a 23 million to 13 million chip lead heads up, and she’d begin a battle for the EPT crown.  Her opponent wouldn’t make it easy on the Brit as Carlsson regained the chip lead a few hands into heads up play.  But Boeree buckled down and reclaimed the lead and on a board of 4d-Ts-2s-6h-5h, Boeree 3-bet shoved inducing a fold from Carlsson and leaving him with only 9 million chips.   The last of them went into the middle pre flop and Liv made the call with 5s-5d as Carlsson tabled Ah-6d leaving Boeree flipping for a possible championship.  The board ran out clean for her pocket pair, and Liv had won the EPT San Remo.

Just a week before, Vanessa Selbst had won the NAPT Stop at Mohegan Sun, drawing the eyes of the poker universe to the capable play of Ladies in the game of poker.  But Boeree’s win seemed to stick out as it was the second major win by a female in a little more than a week.  The giant score was an eye-popping number that was not only the biggest payday of her career (her previous high score was at the European Ladies Championship, where her victory netted her $42,000), but it began the talk of 2010 being “The Year of the Women.”  The score was worth €1,250,000 (which equates to almost $1.7 million USD) and placed Boeree on the front page of every British media publication.  She was flooded with interview requests and became a huge celebrity in her native U.K., and shortly after the win, inked another deal with another online site, this time with PokerStars.  She was interviewed after the win, and here’s what she had to say:

Boeree continued to have a stellar year after the EPT San Remo win, cashing 3 times at the WSOP in Las Vegas and again at the WSOPE in London.  She also finished runner up to Jens Thorson at the EPT in London in October to close out the year, finishing with the year with more than $1.8 million in earnings.  But her giant score at the EPT in San Remo will be remembered as Liv’s greatest poker accomplishment for the year, and placed her in the top 10 in earnings for female poker players all time.


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